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Understanding Your Pet's Medication Changes: Beyond-Use Date and Package Size Adjustments Explained

As a dedicated pet owner, you might have noticed recent changes to the Beyond-Use Dates (BUDs) and package sizes of your pet's compounded medications. You may even be having a hard time finding certain medications—like transdermal gels--that you have been using for years. What happened?

Understanding the Beyond-Use Date (BUD) Changes

The Beyond-Use Date (BUD) is the date after which a compounded medication can no longer be used. The recent changes in BUDs for pet medications are a result of updated standards from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), an independent organization that sets quality standards for compounded medications. While USP standards do not carry the force of law in and of themselves, their standards become law when they are adopted by State Boards of Pharmacy.

Why the Change?

USP updates its standards from time to time, reflecting the latest scientific research. The new standards, which went into effect on November 1, 2023, specifically reduced the BUDs of some compounded medications, particularly those that have water in them. In order to assign the longest possible BUDs under the new standards, compounding pharmacies like Wedgewood invested in performing extensive additional stability and sterility testing. In some cases, a single test can take as long as 240 days to complete!

Even with the additional testing, some compounded medications still have a shorter BUD than they had previously. While this change might lead to smaller bottle sizes and more frequent medication refills for your pet, we are fully committed to complying with applicable law.

Adjustments in Medication Package Size

You may also notice a change to the quantity of your pet’s medication refills . This adjustment aligns with the new BUDs to ensure that you receive the medication in amounts that can be used effectively before they expire.

Cost Considerations

Despite producing smaller quantities, the costs associated with labor, equipment, and rigorous quality testing remain significant. These factors contribute to the pricing structure, ensuring that your pet receives the best possible care.

Can I Use Medication with a Longer BUD from Previous Orders?

The recent updates to the Beyond-Use Dates (BUDs) of some medications are a result of regular updates from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) to maintain quality and stability. At Wedgewood, we consistently meet or exceed these USP standards. It's important to understand that the BUD on the medication's label indicates the latest date the medication should be used. You can continue to use your medication up to this date. After the BUD, it should be discarded. This approach ensures that you are using the medication within the timeframe for which we have thoroughly tested and validated its quality.


The well-being of your pet is our utmost priority. These changes, although they may require some adjustment, are focused on ensuring that your pet receives the highest quality of medication. We appreciate your understanding and are here to answer any further questions you may have.
Wedgewood is proud to continue offering a full range of compounded medications, including transdermal gels . This is thanks to our proactive preparation over the last several years, ensuring we can meet your pet's needs without interruption. To learn more about USP, please visit USP Learning Resource Page.