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FAQs for Pet and Horse Owners

We understand how important timely medication is for your pet's health. Due to recent regulatory changes, we are experiencing extended processing times due to increased demand for many medications. Rest assured, we are working diligently to minimize delays. Our pharmacy team encourages you to enroll in AutoRefill. Orders placed through AutoRefill are designed to arrive just in time and also qualify for free shipping! Our commitment to the quality of your pet's medication remains our top priority. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible.

We recognize that longer hold times can be frustrating, and we apologize for any inconvenience. The recent implementation of new regulatory standards has significantly increased our call volumes, as many pet owners seek clarification and assistance with changes to their pet's medication. We are actively working to improve hold times by expanding our team and enhancing our service processes. For quicker assistance, we encourage you to use our Wedgewood.com. Here, you can manage prescriptions, place orders, and find helpful information, all without the wait. Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in us to care for your pet's health needs.

We understand your concerns regarding the changes in medication pricing and bottle sizes. These adjustments are a result of adapting to the updated standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), a key organization in setting medication quality standards. These new standards, which went into effect on November 1, 2023, impact how long compounded medications can be stored, among other things. Although the quantities are smaller, our production costs, including labor and equipment, have increased. Rest assured, our focus remains on providing high-quality medication for your pets in quantities that align with the new standards. Read more about the recent updates to the USP standards here.

On November 1, 2023, the shelf life, or BUD, of many compounded medications changed due to updates from United States Pharmacopeia (USP), a key organization in setting medication quality standards. Wedgewood has always met or exceeded USP standards, and we have been preparing and planning for these changes for the last several years to ensure continued access to the compounded medications your pet needs. In order to comply with the USP changes, we performed additional testing and invested in facility upgrades in order to assign the longest BUDs possible under the new standards. Although this may mean more frequent refills and smaller package sizes, our commitment is to continue offering top-quality medications with the longest possible BUDs for your pet.

At Wedgewood, we consistently meet or exceed these USP standards. It's important to understand that the BUD on the medication's label indicates the latest date the medication should be used. You can continue to use your medication up to this date. After the BUD, it should be discarded. This approach ensures that you are using the medication within the timeframe for which we have thoroughly tested and validated its quality.

Yes. We ship to all military bases, 47 of the contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. 
Wedgewood Pharmacy does not directly bill insurers. Depending on your insurance plan, you may be eligible for reimbursement. We suggest contacting your insurance company to learn more about your coverage. You can print copies of your invoices in your MyWedgewoodPet account under "Order History".
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also accept checks and money orders in advance of shipment. We currently do not accept Care Credit or Prescription Discount Cards.
If you have a copy of the written prescription from your Veterinarian, we have several options on how you can obtain pricing. Click here to email us a copy of your prescription or you can fax a copy to 800.589.4250. Once we receive your email/fax we will reach out to you with a price. If you have sent in a copy and have not heard from us, you are welcome to contact us at 800.331.8272. If you do not have a current prescription, we cannot provide a price quote, as the custom medication price will vary based on the exact specifications provided by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can access pricing for our entire formulary on their WedgewoodPharmacy.com account.
Once your prescription has been submitted by your veterinarian and is ready to be filled you will be able to create your account! Simply click "Activate My Account", enter the phone number and Last Name that would be associated with your account, and you will then be able to choose your username and password. If you are having trouble creating your account, you can speak with one of our Chat Specialists using the chat feature in the bottom right of the screen or contact us by phone to speak to a Customer Care Specialist.
Your veterinarian must first submit a valid prescription to us by phone, fax or through their online account. Once we receive the prescription we will contact you by phone call, SMS text message and email (if provided or on file) to inform you we have received your pet’s prescription and obtain payment. After your order is placed we will begin preparing your medication and ship it right to your door! Orders can be placed using our easy, mobile-friendly ordering tool, MyWedgewoodPet or by phone!
The time it takes to make/fill our custom compounded medications will vary and can easily be found on your MyWedgewoodPet account. Simply select which medication you'd like to fill, and the processing time will be displayed under the medication details. Once your order is processed and shipped our standard shipping typically takes 3-5 business days in transit via UPS or USPS (U.S.Mail). You may choose to upgrade your shipping method to two-business day or one-business day for an additional charge. Please note that upgrading the shipping method will decrease time in transit only, processing time will remain the same.
If a preparation is showing as temporarily unavailable, we are in the process of replenishing inventory for that item. Although there is no current inventory, you are still able to place orders by phone for these items and they will ship once they become available. To prevent delay in treatment we reccomend reaching out to your Veterinarian to discuss alternatives.
At your request, we’d be happy to send a refill request to your veterinarian. You can send a prescription renewal request to your veterinarian’s office by logging onto your MyWedgewoodPet account. Navigate to the "Prescriptions" button at the top of the page and then click or tap "Renew Prescriptions", to locate the prescription you'd like to renew. Once your request is submitted, we’ll contact your veterinarian's office via their preferred contact method right away for approval. You may also contact us by phone to speak with a Customer Care Specialist.
*Prescriptions for non-controlled medications are valid no more than 1 year from the date they are prescribed.
*If previous prescription was enrolled in Auto Refill, it will need to be re-enrolled upon the first fill of the new prescription.
Upon receiving a prescription from your veterinarian we will not automatically process any orders until we have your approval to do so. We will contact you by phone, SMS text message and email if provided to let you know we have received a prescription and obtain authorization and payment.
Our Auto Refill program is a convenient way to ensure you never run out of medication for the length of your prescription! *Plus you get FREE standard shipping!*
We will automatically send your refill right on time, every time you're due and we will automatically bill the credit card we have on file.
You’ll get an SMS and email notification 3 days before we bill your credit card and process your order. You’ll also get notifications when your prescription is low on refills or ready to expire.
You can manage your AutoRefill schedule whenever you need to on your MyWedgewoodPet account or cancel at any time by simply clicking 'Un-enroll AutoRefill'.
Option to enroll will be found on the last page at checkout. Prescriptions must have at least 1 available refill to be eligible for enrollment. Prescriptions for controlled substances or PMP reportable drugs cannot be enrolled in AutoRefill.
Yes! Your order will contain a packing slip with the name and cost of your medication. Please note the packing slip total will not include the shipping cost and any applicable taxes. You can always print detailed invoices right from your MyWedgewoodAccount under "Order History".
Compounded preparations that require refrigeration are shipped in a STYROFOAM™ chest with a WarmMark tag and freezer brick that has a two-day life. Refrigerated medications are shipped Monday-Wednesday with two-business day shipping, or Monday-Thursday with one-business day shipping.
WarmMark tags provide an alert of exposure to unacceptable temperatures for packages shipped refrigerated. Instructions on how to read the WarmMark indicator tag will also be included with all refrigerated shipments. If there is a concern regarding the status or safety of an order due to exposure to high temperatures, please call us at 877-357-6613.
If you provide us with an email address, we'll send you a tracking email when your medication is ready to ship! Tracking emails are sent around 11:00pm ET Monday-Friday. You can also track your order via your MyWedgewoodPet account through “Order History”. If you have not received a tracking email or cannot track your order through our website contact us at 800.331.8272 to speak with a Customer Care Representative.
The processing time may vary for each medication in your order. Once each medication is complete we will ship it right away to prevent a delay in treatment. This may result in separate packages but you will only receive one shipping charge.
Our team of Chat Specialists are available to assist you live using our chat feature or you are welcome to call and speak with one of our Customer Care Specialists.
State regulations prohibit us from accepting returns. Please do not return medication to our pharmacy. If you have medication that is no longer needed, we suggest contacting your veterinarian or local shelter.
Yes! Please call us at 800.331.8272 and provide us with the contact information for your current pharmacy and our Pharmacists would be happy to reach out to them for a transfer.
If you are local to Swedesboro, NJ or Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ your order may be able to be picked up locally. Please call and speak to a Customer Service Representative to see if your prescription is eligible for pick up.
When your order is placed, a pending charge (pre authorization) will be applied to your payment method for the order total. We will not apply the final charge to your payment until your order ships. If your items have shipped in more than one box, you may see multiple charges on your payment method. You may see an overlap of the pre-authorization and firm charge on your credit card. Please rest assured the pre-authorization funds will be released once the final charge goes through.
If you need assistance requesting refills, enrolling in Auto Refill or adjusting your auto refill schedule on your Vetsource prescription, please contact your veterinarian’s office.
Our website contains a list of Instructional Videos that may help you! If you do not see what you are looking for or require additional assistance please give us a call and our Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists would be happy to assist you. View instructional videos
You should not use a compounded prescription beyond the labeled “Do Not Use Beyond” use date. Please call us at 800.331.8272 to speak with a pharmacist for any additional questions.
To determine the best way to dispose of medications in your area we encourage you to contact your veterinary clinic. More information on proper disposal of unused medicines can be found on the FDA website. 
Our team of Customer Care Specialists and Pharmacists are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time at 800.331.8272. Feel free to also utilize our Chat feature to speak with a Customer Care Specialist during these hours!