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Chloramphenicol / Prednisolone / Tetracaine / Squalane for Dogs

By Barbara Forney, VMD

Last reviewed: 7/14/2022

Commonly prescribed for: Bacterial or Allergic Otitis

Species: Dogs

Therapeutic Class: Broad-spectrum Antibiotic

Basic Information

Wedgewood Pharmacy compounds Chloramphenicol/Prednisolone/ Tetracaine/Squalane 4.2mg/1.7mg/4.5mg/0.21ml/ml Ointment in response to the discontinuation of Liquachlor by the manufacturer. Changes in the regulatory environment have caused many commercial combination products to no longer be manufactured by drug companies. They must now be compounded by a compounding pharmacy.

The squalane is useful for softening and dissolving wax and debris in the external ear canal. Chloramphenicol/Prednisolone/Tetracaine/Squalane 4.2mg/1.7mg/4.5mg/0.21ml/ml Ointment does not have an antifungal component.


Chloramphenicol/Prednisolone/Tetracaine/Squalane 4.2mg/1.7mg/4.5mg/0.21ml/ml Ointment is used in the treatment of bacterial or allergic otitis. Frequently otitis externa has both a bacterial and an inflammatory component and many treatment regimens are based on combination therapy.

Side Effects

Some animals are sensitive to topical anesthetics. In cases that fail to respond, the medication itself may be contributing to the problem.


  • This preparation should not be used in animals in which the tympanic membrane is ruptured.
  • This preparation should be used only if there is a bacterial component to the otitis externa.

Drug Interactions

Corticosteroids applied to the external ear canal are absorbed systemically. The effects may be additive with other systemic corticosteroids.


Overdose of topical medication is not likely to cause a problem except with the corticosteroid as noted in the drug interactions.
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