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Wedgewood Compounding Pharmacy Press Room

Wedgewood Pharmacy responds to Acepromazine Maleate drug shortage
in Press Room - 07/08/2008
While Acepromazine Maleate (Acepromazine) is on extended backorder from the manufacturer, Wedgewood Pharmacy will compound this preparation into Gourmeds™ (chewable, flavored tablets), capsules and a flavored suspension in the most frequently prescribed strengths. Acepromazine will be available by prescription for veterinary use only.

Wedgewood Pharmacy introduces new compounded dosage form and new preparation for equine patients
in Press Room - 06/27/2008
Wedgewood Pharmacy has added a new dosage form, antibiotic beads, and a new preparation, Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium (Pentosan), to its extensive formulary of custom-compounded preparations.

FLAVORx teams up with Wedgewood Pharmacy to make it even easier to make pet medications taste good
in Press Room - 01/21/2008
The Veterinary Division of FLAVORx, Inc., which distributes a veterinary-medicine flavoring system, and Wedgewood Pharmacy, the nation’s largest compounding pharmacy, have teamed up to provide a new, convenient option for veterinarians to make pet medications taste good. The FLAVORx system provides “recipes” that veterinarians use to add flavors to specially-formulated prescription suspensions from Wedgewood Pharmacy.

Wedgewood Pharmacy introduces Tiny Tabs: Smaller than a Tic-Tac, makes pilling easier
in Press Room - 01/21/2008
Wedgewood Pharmacy has introduced Tiny Tabs™, a 6.25 mm-diameter, custom-compounded tablet dosage-form for “pilling” finicky pets who won’t cooperate and take their medicine in a treat form. The small size of Tiny Tabs makes it easier for pet owners to “pill” animals, especially with difficult-to-administer and bitter-tasting medications. Tiny Tabs are about one-half the size of a tic tac® breath mint and cost up to 70% less than other dosage forms, such as capsules.

Wedgewood Pharmacy: U.S. Court of Appeals vacates DEA action
in Press Room - 12/12/2007
Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit vacated the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) 2006 revocation of Wedgewood Pharmacy’s registration to dispense controlled substances. Wedgewood has been challenging the DEA’s decision since it first was issued.

Wedgewood introduces peppermint- and alfalfa-flavored Pergolide Gourmeds
in Press Room - 12/01/2007
Wedgewood Pharmacy has introduced peppermint- and alfalfa-flavored Pergolide for horses in its popular Gourmeds™ dosage form. Gourmeds™ are chewable, naturally-flavored tablets that are easy to administer — and tasty as a treat. Gourmeds™ also is an economical medication form that costs about one-third the price of the same drug in suspension form.

Wedgewood Pharmacy and Midwest Veterinary Supply sign new agency agreement
in Press Room - 10/01/2007
Wedgewood Pharmacy and Midwest Veterinary Supply, Inc. (Burnsville MN) have entered an agency agreement through which Midwest will represent Wedgewood’s compounding pharmacy services to 9,000 veterinary clinics in 27 states. The relationship is effective October 1. This is the first time that Midwest has represented a compounding pharmacy service.

Wedgewood introduces Twist-a-Dose transdermal applicator
in Press Room - 09/27/2007
Wedgewood Pharmacy has introduced the Twist-a-Dose™ transdermal applicator, an innovative package that makes it easier and safer for veterinarians and pet owners to administer precise doses of custom-compounded medications to companion animals. Instead of the old 1ml plunger-type topical syringe, Twist-a-Dose™ requires just two twists of a clearly marked rotating end cap to dispense the precise dose required.