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Wedgewood Pharmacy and Diamondback Drugs Animal-Health Pharmacies Merge to Provide Greater Benefits


Two of the nation’s most-trusted animal-health compounding pharmacies, Wedgewood Pharmacy (Swedesboro, New Jersey) and Diamondback Drugs (Scottsdale, Arizona), have come together to increase the breadth of medications available, to improve the speed of delivery to veterinary practices and patients, and to evolve the service and quality available to the market today.

As the top compounding pharmacy in the U.S., the new, combined company will operate as Wedgewood Pharmacy, with two geographic centers of excellence that offer extended customer-service hours and consistently faster delivery nationwide. More than 500 employees will serve over 40,000 prescribers and hundreds of thousands of animal-owners, with the most-comprehensive portfolio of formulations and industry leading technology, to better help them care for the unique needs of their animals. The integration of the two companies will build on their shared histories of advocating for pet owners and caregivers to ensure access to customized medications for pets, horses, and other animals when commercially available drugs cannot meet their needs. 

The combined organization will be led by Marcy A. Bliss, Wedgewood Pharmacy’s President and CEO. Bliss said, “Combining our two pharmacies will provide more capabilities and enhanced service for all of our customers. Our deep, combined expertise in compounding medications, together with best-practice prescribing tools, will enhance our customers’ experience of doing business with us. We look forward to sharing new preparations, services and tools as they are rolled out. During the process, our integrated pharmacist, customer care, and sales teams will allow us to stay connected with the unique needs of each veterinarian and patient we serve.”

Fabian McCarthy, President and CEO of Diamondback Drugs, added, “Our two organizations have a great deal in common, both historically and in serving the unique needs of veterinary medicine today. We both have service- and quality-focused cultures that deliver the best in customer care. That will only get better as we join together to move forward.”

Compounding pharmacies make customized medications for pets, horses, and other animal species when commercially available drugs cannot meet their needs. Compounded medications are created and prepared by specially trained veterinary pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in state-of-the-art, accredited facilities. These medications are prescribed and dispensed under orders written by veterinarians. The use of compounded medications in veterinary practices is vital and widespread. Virtually every veterinarian depends on rapid access to these specialized medications.

About Wedgewood Pharmacy

In its 37 years, Wedgewood Pharmacy has grown from a local community pharmacy to become the largest animal-health compounding pharmacy in the United States. George (late) and Lucy Malmberg, both pharmacists, purchased Wedgewood Pharmacy in 1981; the pharmacy was founded in 1980. In June 2016, Chicago-based New Harbor Capital made a majority equity investment in Wedgewood Pharmacy. In July 2018, Wedgewood Pharmacy acquired Diamondback Drugs, which was founded in 2002 in Scottsdale, AZ.

Wedgewood Pharmacy and Diamondback Drugs are accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB®) for compliance with PCAB pharmacy-compounding accreditation standards. PCAB was formed by eight of the nation’s leading pharmacy associations and is a service of Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). As a third-party accreditation organization, PCAB has developed the highest national standards against which providers are measured to illustrate their ability to effectively and efficiently deliver quality compounded-medications to veterinarians and consumers.

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