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Delivers all the flavor—without the bite.

Gourmeds with Bitter-Block

Bitter-Block™ Technology is available for these Gourmeds®:

  • Fluoxetine | 5mg Gourmeds

  • Tylosin 50mg, 100mg, 200mg, 325mg | 100-count Gourmeds, chicken flavor

A Breakthrough in the Science of Compliance

When an animal is already under stress due to illness, medicating an animal should not add to its stress—or yours. That's why we've added Bitter-Block technology to these bitter-tasting medications. It's a Wedgewood Pharmacy exclusive. Using a proprietary process and food-grade materials, we coat each particle of medication before it's made into a tasty, chewable Gourmeds tablet. The coating protects the taste buds from the bitterness of the medication while allowing the yummy chicken-flavor to do its job. And, because each particle of medication— not the finished tablet—is protected with Bitter-Block technology, a tasty Gourmeds can be cut or chewed without losing the effectiveness of this new technology. When bitter-tasting medications like fluoxetine and tylosin  are what the doctor orders, we work hard to make it easier for you to give—and your pets to take—their medicine. That's why we've developed unique, compliance-friendly dosage forms like tasty, chewable Gourmeds with all natural chicken flavor.