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More Than 30 Available Flavors

For Pet & Horse Owners

We have great taste in compounded medications.

Who ever said medications have to taste bad? Not us.

Does your pooch have a penchant for poultry? Or does your kitty want to know “where’s the beef?” Even pets with the most discriminating tastes will be satisfied with the flavors available for our oral compounded preparations, which include these popular choices:

Alfalfa Cherry Peppermint
Anchovy Chicken Shrimp 
Apple Chili Pepper  Strawberry
Apple-Molasses Cricket  Triple Chicken
Bacon Duck Triple Fish
Banana  Fish Turkey 
Beef  Liver Tutti-Frutti
Bubble Gum  Marshmallow Vanilla
Butterscotch Molasses Vanilla Butternut
Cheddar Cheese Peanut Butter

Not all flavors are available for all compounded medications. Ask your Customer Care Specialist which are available for the medication your veterinarian has prescribed.