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The medicine stays put.

Medicine can only work if an animal takes it.

But no matter how tiny, tasty, or tempting an oral medication may be, it still requires an animal to swallow it. For sicker animals, that may have difficulty swallowing, or for animals that reject any medication, MediMelts may be the perfect solution for medication compliance.

Here's how MediMelts work.

They look like a standard tablet, but are lightly compressed so they disintegrate rapidly on an animal's tongue, creating a paste that is less likely to be rejected. And a tasty flavor makes it seem like a treat for the animal.

These preparations are available in the MediMelts dosage-form.

Cisapride 5mg, 100ct Chicken Liver flavor
Gabapentin 25mg & 50mg, 100ct Chicken Liver Flavor
Methimazole 5mg, 100ct Chicken Liver/ Marshmallow flavor 
Metronidazole (as Benzoate) 50mg, 100ct Chicken Liver flavor
Mirtazapine 1.875mg, 100ct Chicken Liver Flavor
Pergolide (as Mesylate) 1mg, 100ct Apple-Molasses Flavor
Prazosin (as HCl) 0.5mg, 100ct Chicken Liver Flavor
Prednisolone (as Sodium Phosphate) 5mg, 100ct Chicken Liver flavor
Tramadol HCl 5mg & 10mg, 100ct Chicken Liver Flavor