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Quad Tabs

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QuadTabs tablets are scored twice for maximum flexibility in dosing.

Now you can fill a prescription for a single dosage-strength of QuadTabs and get up to four doses from each tablet. Best of all, the precision scoring makes it easy to snap-off a half or quarter tablet with ease.

These preparations are available in the QuadTabs dosage-form.

Aminophylline (equivalent to Theophylline 85.7mg) 100mg/tab Chicken flavor 
Benazepril HCl 2.5mg/tab Unflavored 
Doxycycline (as Hyclate) 60mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor
Doxycycline (as Hyclate) 100mg/tab Chicken and Vanilla-Marshmallow flavors 
Doxycycline (as Hyclate) 200mg/tab Chicken flavor 
Doxycycline (as Hyclate) 300mg/tab Chicken flavor 
Doxycycline (as Hyclate) 400mg/tab Chicken flavor 
Fluconazole 300mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor 
Fluoxetine (as HCl) 16mg/tab, Chicken Liver flavor 
Fluoxetine (as HCl) 64mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor 
Gabapentin 200mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor  
Itraconazole 100mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor 
Ketoconazole 100mg/tab Chicken flavor
Ketoconazole 400mg/tab Chicken and Vanilla-Marshmallow flavors 
Methazolamide 60mg/tab
Phenoxybenzamine HCl 5mg/tab
Prednisolone 100mg/tab Apple flavor 
Prednisone 5mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor 
Prednisone 20mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor 
Sildenafil (as Citrate) 10mg/tab Chicken flavor
Sildenafil (as Citrate) 30mg/tab Chicken Flavor
Ursodiol 100mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor 
Ursodiol 200mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor
Ursodiol 300mg/tab Chicken Liver flavor