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Twist-a-Dose® Transdermal Gel Applicator

For Pet & Horse Owners

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Twist-a-Dose® may be perfect for your hard-to-medicate cats.


If your cat has trouble taking medication by mouth, your veterinarian may prescribe the medication in a transdermal gel.

Wedgewood Pharmacy dispenses most transdermal gels in our Twist-a-Dose transdermal gel applicator. Twist-a-Dose is simple to use: two easy steps, a no-mess applicator and no tiny markings to read! The medication is applied directly to the cat's ear, so you will have minimal contact with the medication (but our pharmacists always recommend wearing gloves when applying any transdermal gel).

See video instructions for the Twist-a-Dose Transdermal Gel Applicator

If your cat takes one of these medications, ask your veterinarian if a transdermal gel dispensed in the Twist-a-Dose transdermal gel applicator is an appropriate treatment.

These preparations are available in the Twist-a-Dose Transdermal Gel Applicator.