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Wedgewood Pharmacy launches Order.WedgewoodPetRx.com for veterinarians


(Swedesboro, NJ, August 3, 2001) Wedgewood Pharmacy has launched Order.WedgewoodPetRx.com, a secure, password-protected compounding pharmacy website for veterinary practices. The state-of-the-art site makes searching, comparing and ordering from the company’s formulary of more than 14,000 custom-compounded preparations fast, easy and enjoyable. It was made available to selected users in early July and is now available to all licensed veterinary prescribers in the U.S.

The site, the product of more than five years of planning and execution, provides tools for:

  • Finding and comparing different dosage forms of medications for cost effectiveness;
  • Quickly re-ordering preparations;
  • Locating medications that are being compounded during shortages of manufactured drugs;
  • Reviewing medications most commonly prescribed by veterinarians around the country; and
  • Managing a practice’s account online.

The site compliments the company’s new veterinary-medicine website, WedgewoodPetRx.com, which was launched last year. That site includes other resources for veterinarians and pet owners, including professional and pet-owner learning centers, information about compounded medications that may be prescribed, a pet photo sharing center and hundreds of informational articles about common pet-health issues.

Jodi Donohue, animal-health product manager explained, “We were inspired by excellent consumer websites like Land’s End, Zappos and Amazon, which help customers to maneuver rapidly through thousands of choices, making suggestions and offering comparisons along the way. We’ve developed quite a number of innovative dosage-forms that help vets and pet owners make sure their pets actually take their medicine. A given chemical might have 30 possible flavors and a dozen strengths. So we set out to help our customers maneuver through the thousands of choices we offer quickly and easily.”

Preparing the site for launch required more than a year of intensive work by pharmacists, to re-build and expand the database of formulations that is at the heart of the site. Doing so required linking thousands of preparations to information about indications for each class of drugs, disease states and cautionary information. Since compounding pharmacies are regulated by individual states and state regulations differ, the database has to account for state-by-state requirements about prescribing and ordering. And, because preparations differ in their shipping and storage requirements, the system has to be “smart” enough not to allow shipment of a refrigerated medication to Arizona on a Friday afternoon in July.

In the first month since its launch, usage has climbed steadily and customer feedback has been extremely positive. Donohue added, “We prepared our customer care representatives for any eventuality. But except for a very few minor issues, it was an incredibly smooth launch that has earned scores of compliments from our customers.” An article in Veterinary Practice News featured the site.

To establish a new veterinary account or to link an existing Wedgewood Pharmacy veterinary account to the site, visit Order.WedegwoodPetRx.com or call the customer care center at 877.357.6613.

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