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Twist-a-Taste Oral Gel Applicator

For Veterinary Practices

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Great Care. Delivered. You'll love it 'cause they'll lick it.


It's a different "twist" on orag-gel applications.

Twist-a-Taste oral gel applicators contain medicated oral gels, flavored to suit smaller patients. Now you can give your patients the medications they need and treat them to great tastes like natural chicken and fish or yummy fruity flavors like banana and tropical punch. With just two steps, a no-mess applicator, and no tiny markings to read, you can rest assured that patients will receive the precise amount of the compounded medications you prescribe.

No guessing, no messing.

For you and your clients, there's no more mess or guessing about the proper dosage. Just two "twists" of the pen dispenses 0.05ml of the compounded medication you prescribed. It's easy to dispense an oral gel directly into an animal's mouth, place it on a morsel of food, or place it on the paw of self-grooming animals such as cats and small laboratory-animals. When an oral gel is the best solution, the Twist-a-Taste oral gel applicator can help to assure that the medicine goes down. We applied this exclusive dispensing technology to oral gels for uses like these:

  • Dispense a tasty dose onto the paws of self-grooming animals such as rats and mice.
  • Put it on a cracker when Polly needs her medicine.
  • Put it on a favorite kind of fruit or lettuce for exotic animals like lizards and turtles.
  • Mix it with baby food or apple sauce for animals who won't take a gel orally.

Our exclusive Twist-a-Taste technology is simple, easy, convenient, and is another tool for veterinarians and pet owners  to help make sure that pets take the medicine that the doctor prescribes. Need another unique solution? Take a look at these other compliance friendly dosage forms that only Wedgewood Pharmacy can offer.  

To see if the oral gel you need is available in the Twist-a-Taste applicator, use the search box at the top of this page or call our Customer Care Center at 877-357-6613.

Oral gels for the Twist-a-Taste oral gel applicator are available in these flavors:

  • Anchovy
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Beef
  • Bubble Gum
  • Cherry
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Liver
  • Marshmallow
  • Molasses
  • Orange
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peppermint
  • Pina Colada
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Tutti Fruitti
  • Vanilla

We care about the high cost of non-compliance.

An animal's compliance with medication regimes is not a joke when compliance makes the difference between good health and illness. An animal's health, of course, is tied to compliance. 
These facts from recent research may surprise you:

  • The rate of compliance for chronic medication is just 76%. That means an astounding 24% of pets aren’t being treated with the medications they need to live healthy lives—and in some cases, simply to live;
  • Pet owners who are shown one or more ways to administer medication had a significantly higher rate of compliance (73% vs. 59% for those not shown). Yet, only 43% of practices show pet owners how to administer medication;
  • 60% of owners would pay more for medication that is palatable or easy to administer;
  • 93% of veterinarians say that compliance monitoring has a positive impact on their practice;
  • 72% of pet owners would like to receive information in writing about their pets’ medication so they could refer back to it.

Here are eight ways to make non-compliance a non-issue.

  1. Give pet owners information about the dangers of non-compliance.
  2. Give pet owners simple, detailed instructions and easy administration techniques.
  3. Prescribe medications that taste good.
  4. Prescribe medications that are small and easy to administer.
  5. Prescribe medications that are more affordable, when possible.
  6. Provide automated refill reminders.
  7. Make it easier, safer and more convenient for pet owners to get the medications they need.
  8. Increase communication and follow-up with pet owners.

We care about doing our part.

We're committed to ensuring that your patients not only receive the proper medications they need, but also continue to take them as prescribed. You can turn to us for hard-to-find medications, smaller-than-a-Tic-® Tiny Tabs®, Bitter-Block™, Low-Dust Granules, Medi-Melts®, Quad tabs®, the Twist-a-Dose® transdermal gel applicator, the Twist-a-Taste® oral gel applicator, more than 30 animal-friendly flavors like fish, liver, chicken, beef, and tutti-frutti, and compounded medications to meet your exact specifications. You and your clients also can turn to our online learning center for scores of professional monographs.

Turn to Wedgewood Pharmacy to help maintain the health of the animals in your care.

As the nation's largest animal-health compounding pharmacy, our specialized compounding pharmacists have helped to solve unique medication problems for animal-health practitioners since 1981. Serving more than 40,000 human-health and animal-health prescribers, we have the experience and resources to help you to solve many complex medication-compliance issues.

If you do not find the specific compounded medication, dosage form and/or flavor that meets your needs, please call our customer care specialists at 877-357-6613.