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Control Costs In Your Practice

For Veterinary Practices

Increase profits by saving time and lowering costs.

If you're like most business owners today trying to improve profitability, you're looking for ways to increase efficiency and client retention, and decrease the cost of carrying inventory.

Did you know?: The drop in profits

  • 47% of veterinarians report that costs are rising.
  • 87% of veterinarians report a drop in volume of medication dispensed from their practice.
  • The average amount of drugs and medication supplies on hand per veterinarian is $16,804.
  • Drugs and medical supplies are a veterinary practice's largest variable expense.

6 fresh ways to control your practice's expenses.

  1. Reduce inventory fewer products on your shelves mean more money for the practice. Stop carrying items that you haven't ordered in the past year.
  2. Order so that your inventory arrives just before you need it, also known as "just in time."
  3. Capture your clients' e-mail addresses and send electronic communication -- it is much more cost-effective than printed materials.
  4. Pay bills with a credit card that gives you cash back.
  5. Negotiate lower fees with your merchant account when your clients pay with a credit card.
  6. Trade time spent with vendors for time spent with patients. Choose vendors that are reliable, high quality and easy to work with; vendors that are an extension of you, and are committed to improving efficiencies and the job satisfaction of your staff.

Wedgewood Pharmacy can help you improve your profits.

At Wedgewood Pharmacy, we are focused on saving you money and time. We're driving down costs by increasing efficiency in our own organization to bring you lower-priced medications, ways to reduce inventory and time-saving services.

Reducing preparation prices makes treatment affordable.

We reduce the time -- and cost-- it takes to prepare medication every time we compound a new preparation in Gourmeds® or Tiny Tabs®. When we minimize our costs, we can pass that savings on to you. See the available preparations for Gourmeds and Tiny Tabs

Drug shortage alerts keep you informed.

When a commercially available medication becomes unavailable, Wedgewood Pharmacy may be able to compound an alternative. This may minimize any disruption in patient care and prevent the need to "stock up" on items in case they go on backorder. See a list of backordered medications and learn more about our drug-shortage alert service. 

Have prescriptions delivered directly to your patients.

Wedgewood Pharmacy offers the option of having prescriptions delivered directly to your patients -- saving you shelf space and inventory carrying costs. At your request, we will bill and ship the prescription you prescribe directly to your clients' homes. Learn more about home delivery and how to get started.