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Increase Client Loyalty and Retention

For Veterinary Practices

Client Retention: A Lost Art.

A measure of success for any practice is the ability to retain patients. Even though you're doing everything you can, it isn't always quite as easy as it sounds. There are many reasons pet owners switch practices. There may be reasons you can't control, such as patient relocation, or reasons you can, like lack of time or attention during office visits. Whatever, the reason, client loyalty and retention are definitely on a decline. And this trend could be costing your practice.   

Did you know?: The high cost of defection

No veterinary practice can retain all of its patients. According to recent studies, the number of unhappy veterinary clients may be larger than you think.

  • The average companion animal clinic loses 10 to 15% of its client base every year. That can cost your practice $40,000 or more in lost revenue.
  • 38% of patients never return after a first visit. The main reason is lack of attention from the practice and too little of the veterinarian's time.
  • Only 25% of owners reported that their vet appointments lasted more than 10 minutes -- a large reason why they switch.

7 ways to increase client loyalty and retention.

  1. Provide information to owners so that they can become active participants in their pet's health.
  2. Spend quality time with patients and their owners during office visits.
  3. Create a comfortable, welcoming environment.
  4. Provide ongoing training for your staff, so they can be increasingly responsive and helpful.
  5. Limit waiting time for pets and their owners.
  6. Increase communication and follow-up, like a phone call, with pet owners.
  7. Provide treatment solutions for hard to-treat pets.

Wedgewood Pharmacy Can Help You Keep Your Patients.

Face time, unique treatment solutions, educational information, tips and easy ways to get medications are services that pet owners want and expect for their veterinarians. Wedgewood Pharmacy knows you care about your clients, and we do, too. That's why offer a range of solutions to keep them happy -- and to keep them coming back to you.

More options allow you to treat more patients.

Wedgewood Pharmacy offers more than 20,000 compounded preparations, with new formulations added every day. Use the search engine at the top of this page to find the exact preparation your patient needs. If you can't find it in our database, you can trust our dedicated team of pharmacists to formulate the precise medication your patient needs. And when a commercially available medication becomes unavailable, Wedgewood Pharmacy may be able to compound that medication so the patient's treatment regimen is sustained.

Looking for a medication to treat an otherwise hard-to-medicate patient? Gourmeds®, Tiny Tabs®, Twist-a-Dose®, or low-dust granules may be the perfect alternatives for those patients. 

Are you treating an oncology or ophthalmology patient? Wedgewood Pharmacy compounds preparations specific to those patients to provide you with more options than anywhere else.

Make the best use of your time.

Pet owners' biggest complaint, and the number one reason they leave a practice, is that their veterinarian doesn't spend enough time with them. Wedgewood Pharmacy understands your time is valuable, and we've developed tools and services to ensure you have more of it. With online ordering options, automatic e-mail order confirmations and shipment notifications, fast delivery, and home delivery, you'll have more time to spend with your patients.


Knowledge is power.

When your clients feel they are true partners in the health of their pets, they are more likely to remain loyal to your practice. On this site, you, your staff and your patients can find information about compounded medications (printable drug monographs) and client counseling materials, dosage forms, disease-state information and much more. Use the search engine at the top or the navigation at the left to find exactly what you need.